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MCG provide a unique service, which includes:

  • working with our clients to deliver relevant, timely and accurate outcomes.
  • tailoring solutions to the specific and direct needs of our clients’ stakeholders for both essential and marketing communications.
  • ensuring we are the most innovative, flexible, and cost-effective provider to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.
  • ensuring you can deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person and by the channel of preference – email, SMS, Web, or traditional mail.


MCG are Digital Transformation Specialists

Email is an essential platform for delivering customer communications. Email is a convenient, cost effective channel that allows swift engagement of your customers by providing relevant, personalised and targeted information.

The benefits of using an expert e-solution delivery partner:

  • Set and forget delivery scheduling.
  • Targeted, segmented and personalised emails to achieve maximum engagement.
  • SPAM and Privacy compliance.
  • Design, build, HTML rationalisation and template management.
  • Highly detailed reporting to ensure delivery, bounce, opens, click through and time spent on a particular page. Meaningful analytics that can drive ROI.


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Printed output and delivery specialists, with high quality printed output of customer communications, utilising highly advanced printing platforms including high speed roll fed ink jet and sharp digital laser output. Pre-sort, barcode driven mailing and lodgement. Full reconciliation and reporting.

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SMS is an effective one to one communication channel that is quick to deliver and has immediate engagement potential. It is a perfect method of delivery for quick sharp messages, such as, reminders, confirmations, passwords, codes, invitations, URL links, audio visual content, alerts and much more.

MCG utilise Australian telecommunication providers to ensure timely delivery and avoid customer aggravation, eg: Our SMS messages DO NOT come through to clients late at night. Our platforms for SMS allows bulk SMS delivery to thousands of customers in a matter of minutes.

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MCG provide consultancy and specialist procurement services.

  • Procurement of paper, envelopes, base stock, off-set stock, specialist marketing products, plastic cards, APPS, website and graphic design services.
  • MCG offers strategies to better engage customers to transition to digital platforms.
  • MCG offers expert advice on document composition, email composition, white labelling services, spam compliance, legislated delivery rules and compliance activity.
  • MCG offers expert liaison and project management services to coordinate projects involving numerous key stakeholders.

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